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The Company
Who we are

Tama is an international energy and commodities trading company. Headquartered in UAE and with offices in United Kingdom and Nigeria; the company is strategically positioned to build a successful operation in global energy and commodities markets.

Our team of highly experienced professionals, supported by our shareholders, a global network of partners, and cutting-edge technologies all work together to expand our market footprint by delivering a diversified range of our services and products at competitive prices. By leveraging on our exceptional market understanding, we seek to deliver end-to-end services that connect producers, processors, and consumers worldwide.

Our burgeoning expertise in the oil market ensures we lead from the front in our pursuance of operational excellence. We are client-centric in our approach towards service delivery and have demonstrable mastery in meeting global demands. We adopt appropriate policies that enforce best practices in the industry and carry out services according to International Standards of Specifications.