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Tama operates primarily out of United Arab Emirates, with operating bases in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. We are key participants in international precious metals and oil markets trading, and we possess extensive experience in physical trading and commodities supply. We have a strong trading presence, recognized globally for our ethical standards, integrity, and a rich network of shareholders and partner companies. Our expertise goes beyond energy and commodities trading to the provision of specialized consultancy services.

We provide strategic sourcing and offer a wide range of specialized procurement services to the energy and solid minerals industry. We are well-positioned to help customers assess opportunities, source commodities from reliable entities, and mitigate risks associated with the supply chain. Our focus is on how to make it easy to find materials at optimum costs. Having maintained long-standing relationships with producers and developers around the world, we are adequately equipped to source and supply energy and commodities to specifications and guarantee prompt delivery. With deep market knowledge and extensive experience in the global supply chain, our team of industry experts can analyse market conditions to meet your specific needs.

Tama understands that logistics and distribution are vital to our nature of business. From offtake of raw materials for refinement to shipment, storage, and coordinated distribution; we deliver logistics services for the energy and commodities industry. We optimise logistics solutions that are cost-effective for our trading team and consumers, transporting energy products around the globe using charter vessels of varying sizes. We keep it safe while keeping it moving, adhering to strict regulatory compliance and extensive safety procedures for the environment and all that lives in it.

The energy and commodities market is becoming more dynamic and posing complex challenges. We are in the business of rendering investment advisory services to help you meet these complexities. Based on our industry experience, we understand the bolt and nut of investments in the energy and commodities market. We provide tailored advisory solutions that exploit lower operating costs, project break-even, increase robustness to the changes in the external environment and improve returns that would give you a competitive edge in a volatile commodity price environment.

At Tama, the bar for precision and performance in managing projects is set very high. We use practical tools and unique design models to develop an effective management system that mitigates risk, ensures project objectivity, and manages the complexities of the energy and solid minerals industry. Not only do we rely on tested concepts and organizational innovations, we also have a team of experienced technical specialists that would improve your performance and exceed your project expectations, regardless of today’s increasing complexities – technological demands, safety, and environmental impact.