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Focus Areas
What We Trade

We have an established presence in West Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, with ownership and access to storage capacities in other parts of the world, which enable us to offer a stable and secure supply of crude to our expanding customer base within the regions. We are focused on bridging the gap between production and consumption through strategic sourcing and offtake of crude oil from producers to deliver to refining hubs. We leverage on the benefit of our global trading and distribution network to ensure consistent sourcing and supply of the right quality crude, and also discover new markets.

Alongside petroleum products, we also supply compressed natural gases (CNG) in large shipment vessels that meet required safety standards, which are then transported to our storage facilities and consumer hubs. We provide expertise in the purchase and sale of CNG worldwide and are currently meeting the complex challenges that consumers face, helping them satisfy their needs at cost-effective prices. This further enhances our reputation as a significant supplier in the natural gas wholesale market.

We have the expertise and resources to supply petrochemical products that provide value-added service to the manufacturing industry. Our focus is on the global physical trading of, and distribution of polymers, olefins, and aromatic petrochemical products. Our understanding of the dynamics and the volatility within the markets of global petrochemical trading helps us provide clients with a wide range of services tailored to meet their unique needs.

In a dynamic and evolving oil and gas market, we have the robust infrastructure, extensive expertise, numerous access to storage and distribution, logistic capabilities, and a rich network of global collaborations to provide our customers with the best energy solutions. We have successfully expanded our trading portfolio to cover a range of refined petroleum products including petroleum naphtha, gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas, jet fuel, and fuel oils.

Tama Refined Oil Trading LLC offers a range of high-quality, cost-effective, and eco-friendly chemicals to oil service companies within the oilfield industry. We bank on our comprehensive chemical portfolio to supply tailor-made, quality, and reliable products to every application sector within the oilfield industry, covering; cementing, production, drilling, and stimulation. Our solutions act as enablers for our customers to achieve greater efficiency and maximum productivity.

We engage in metals and minerals trading, with a special focus on gold. We have built a global network of sourcing subsidiaries and partners. We have also maintained relationships with trusted suppliers and licensed metals and minerals developers located throughout Africa, Asia, and South America. This rewarding partnership has ensured we offer continuous and consistent quality product and service delivery to our customers.